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Our statement in support of Black Lives Matter

The Generation Green New Deal team, and its production company Tikkun Olam Productions, expresses our unequivocal support for Black Lives Matter and the Black community. Our country is at a crucial moment, where the demand for social justice is being met with continued violence, racism, oppression, and dismissal by the authorities and systems in power. The climate crisis exists because of widespread systems of white supremacy, and the continuous exploitation of Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color. Generation Green New Deal is a project about the fight for addressing climate change, and one of the most integral parts of this is the urgent need for racial, economic, and social justice. A Green New Deal, or any solution to the climate crisis, simply cannot exist without this.

At this moment, we are also looking inward, at our own organization, and what we as a team can do better. We pledge the following:

  • To use the resources at our disposal to support the protestors and organizations in gathering video documentation, providing pro-bono editing services, and using our platforms and privilege to amplify these voices and stories.

  • To further research and understand anti-Black systems of oppression to be better allies to the community, and take action to dismantle these systems.

  • Work with, and hire, more collaborators from the Black community, and other communities of color.

  • To ask the white and non-Black people in our circles to join us in taking concrete actions.

  • To continue our work creating educational content about the Green New Deal and the climate crisis with a strong focus on environmental justice and the ways in which the climate crisis disproportionately affects Black Americans and other communities of color, and any just solution must specifically address the needs of those communities.

The Black community has always been on the frontlines of fighting for social and civil justice in this country. In acknowledging and appreciating this, we also stand with them to do our part in dismantling systems of white supremacy, racism, and oppression, both at this moment and moving forward.

Team Generation Green New Deal



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