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Meteorologist-turned-climate-writer Eric Holthaus is an outspoken advocate for climate justice. He’s also the first parent we’ve had on GenGND Conversations, raising his two young children in Minnesota, one of the fastest-warming states in the U.S.

In our interview with Eric, we’ll hear about his path from studying climate-change as a meteorologist to writing about it as a journalist, his thoughts on the prospects for climate action during the incoming Biden-Harris Administration, and the climate-fueled extreme weather we’re now constantly seeing around the globe. 

In his new book, THE FUTURE EARTH, Eric delves into a hopeful 30 year plan for reversing the effects of climate change. And in his newsletter, THE PHOENIX, you can read Eric’s musings on topics such as ‘Focusing on a Just Transition’ and why it’s terrifying that ‘The Arctic’s refusing to refreeze this winter.’

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